Repair & Restorations

an art, a craft, a philosophy, a passion

Repairing antique instruments is where for Steffi, job and passion become one. It is both exciting and intellectually stimulating, as no two instruments or the damage to them is ever the same. All represent a different challenge and call upon different highly specialised skills. Sadly, many antique instruments have suffered further damage over the years, more through badly executed repairs (often by people with no respect for the instrument’s originality) than through wear and tear or accidents alone. Fortunately, the approach towards repairs changed drastically in the latter 1900s with the rapidly increasing value of antique stringed instruments, so that today we consequently care a lot more about them and their preservation.

For almost a decade I have been dedicated solely to the studying and repair of antique instruments and have concentrated on learning and developing repair methods that aim to preserve instruments to the maximum degree possible.

In our workshop, we undertake many types of repairs; from the tiniest edge replacement and bushing of a peg hole, to severe fractures, neck replacements, damage to the arching or extensive worm damage.

Major repairs can often involve a lot of time and not everyone has a spare instrument, so for the time that your instrument is in our hands, we can, in most cases, provide you with an instrument of similar quality.