Antique Childs and Adults Instruments

Antique children’s instruments

We have a great passion for antique small-sized instruments and have a collection of them in our workshop. All instruments are more than 100 years old and come from different places in Europe. Usually we have a few to choose from in every size but as they can be quite hard to be found in some sizes it’s best to let us know well in advance if you would like to hire one. Because we take special care of these instruments, and spend a lot of time both repairing and setting them up, they offer a much greater potential of sound than new instruments.

These instruments can be rented. The price depends on the length of the rental period and the value and condition of the instrument.

Most of these instruments can also be purchased.

Antique adult’s instruments

We have a wide range of antique full-sized instruments on offer. Every instrument that is for sale, be it old Czech or Italian, can also be rented for as short as a few hours up to a long period of time. Please phone or email us for further enquiries.